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                                       Happy Birthday, Ben!
                                                   L Red Hen

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Ben, I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!!!


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Thank you both -- I did have a very nice birthday and am feeling well.despite two recent day surgeries. About eight weeks ago I had a stent put in my right renal artery and Wednesday I had two stents put in my left leg and one in my right leg. I have three in my heart from previous problems so I am getting quite a collection of stents. ( seven ) I don't know what would happen if I tried to go through airport security !

Fortunately my circulation problems can be fixed in a cauterization lab.
Feeling great and on my feet after 77 years.  ---  Ben 

In other news, my grandson who has been working and living near Pittsburgh is changing jobs. He is going with a company that  is building a distribution center in Phoenix - will not be seeing much of him

hesterredhen How is  your world traveling son Doing ?

Vienna, West Virginia, USA

Montani Semper Liberi

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Matt is on shore for a few weeks. He isn't sure if the next tour off shore will take him to Angola, Africa or not. I gave him my "worried mother" speech, and then kept quiet.   I encouraged them all to travel, so shouldn't be surprised when they do. I think my daughter Susan has pulled or driven a Uhaul over 3/4 of the U.S. Even downtown New York and Los Angeles. One of our daughters was in the air force for 8 years. One has lived for a year in South Korea. So I should be used to it.

    Glad we have lived long enough for them to have figured out what parts to keep on hand for us older folks, Ben. Seems like a good many of our family and friends keep adding to their inventory of stints, and pace makers, and new hips and knees. Amazing what they can do. Glad to hear yours are successful.
We have learned how to keep oxygen, nebulizers, concentrators, cpaps, and a whole host of stuff on hand and maintain. The lift chair is only there if we should need it. Mostly the grandkids think it is fun  The walker is upstairs , handy. The electric hospital bed that my sister in law found at a garage sale is in storage (just in case any of we older ones might have a use for it)AND
I am never far from my trusty cane. CaneFU anyone?
 I'm amazed at all the things you can reach with it. It hangs equally gracefully from the tomato cages and the clothesline. One of the handiest little gadgets I purchased this last year was a very light weight hand truck. We have a high foundation and stairs up to the porches, so this little gem makes getting purchases from the car into the house a whole lot easier.

       Garden has been pretty much of a bust this summer until just lately. Picked nearly a bushel of tomatoes and some more peppers this evening. Frost in the forecast again and lots of green ones still out there. So guess we will be covering them again until a killing frost comes. As for the flowers, etc. well , there will be other years.


                                              L. Red Hen
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