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                                                               Hello, Dear Friend!

                                                           Happy Birthday, Ben!

            Just had to send you some Birthday Cheer!

                    Sorry there is no virtual bubbly! [smile]

             But I do believe it's a good day to celebrate!

                                 So, Strike up the band

                            Wishing you all the best!




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Thanks Becky

I had a great birthday -- they are stacking up -- 81 now. Thankful to be hale and healthy !

The music was outstanding -- I am into the Russian opera singer Anna  Netrebko.

What do you think of her? [smile]

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Nice to hear from you --- Your friend for life  -- Ben

Vienna, West Virginia, USA

Montani Semper Liberi

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Such beauty and voice! I wasn't familiar with her, Ben! You have shared so much beauty with me over the years. You have truly been my friend, and enriched my days. Thank you.

I've always liked classical music, although the type of piano I played wasn't as disciplined. (I could never seem to not be putting my own touches here and there. [rolleyes] [smile] [wink] Broadway and old tunes from the 20's through the 50's was more my style, plus many hours playing for church. I didn't marry into a musical family, and over the years I played less and less. 

I'm the only member of my family who likes opera. My exposure and love for it came in my middle years.

The first time ever I heard Pavarotti's voice, I was in tears.  Such a physical, almost spiritual experience. I felt as if my very soul had been caressed. He has held my heart since that first moment. 

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